Ahdistava Pysähtyneisyys - Bizarre Uproar - 4raajahalvaus (CDr)

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Ahdistava Pysähtyneisyys - Bizarre Uproar - 4raajahalvaus (CDr) - speaking, you

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  1. – Bizarre Uproar: 4raajahalvaus: 3 – Grunt: Ahdistava Pysähtyneisyys Sounds [Source Sounds] – BU* 4 – Bastard Noise: Earth First Sounds [Source Sounds] – BU* Vocals – /5(7).
  2. Jun 18,  · Everything about Bizarre Uproar sounds like anxiety, fear, isolation, worry, desperation and pain. His music matches the sensation of the most extreme feelings of panic. You feel as if nothing is safe, nothing is happy, and you are about to be caused severe anguish and pain at any second.
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